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Monday, 29 March 2004

Well first of all I haven't decided if I would like to play the drums or front the band. Now, if I was to be the lead singer-I would definately have to have some drums or barrels or some type of unique percussion instruments in front to beat the hell out of when i wasn't singing...i dont know about you but I think it would be badass to see a crazy ass lead singer kicking ass on some big ass drums and singing too!!! anyways i don't know if i have the vocal ability yet, but i am confident in my capacity as a drummer-so i guess we'll see but what we will probly need is:

Lead Vocal
(someone who can really belt it out, go beserk, and get the croud rowdy as fuck...)

Lead Guitar
(someone who can really jam those heavy riffs, and possibly solo and create cool effects as well when needed...)

Rythym Guitar
(I love the full sound of bands with two guitars, and I love harmonized guitar parts)

(Gotta have that lo end...nuff said)

(keyboards would definately be a must. I want a full sound, some eery effects, keyboards really broaden your horizons and enable the band to carry the music to another level...)

(i want a drummer who really really knows what he's doing, not just flailing his arms around...double bass a must...i want a drummer who hands-down loves metal...)

(if someone has experience with sampling, etc. it would be a welcome addition to the project...)

Auxillary percussionist?
(a possiblity, adds a lot of sound and a lot of visual to the live performance...)

VERY IMPORTANT: I would need the find someone with the knowledge and the resources to help create the look of the band, and the costumes. I DO NOT want these outfits to look cheesy. I want original concepts with edge, and EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!

GUESS WHAT: a project like this requires lots of help outside of the music. We would need people or COMPANIES with interests in music to help with:

Stage Production/Live Show Coordination
Practice Space etc.

If you know anyone with these resources and/or interests please let them know about the project or pass word about this site...

Posted by skarecrowband at 8:15 PM

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