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Monday, 29 March 2004

I fucking love the likes of Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Motograter, etc...I was thinking long and hard the other day, trying to come up with a similar concept for a band. It's really hard when you stop and think about it and try to come up with a persona for a metal band like that. Now don't get me wrong, i am not trying to copy these other's just that I really enjoy the concept they have taken up. Each of these bands has adopted a group image. Slipknot each has a demented mask and they all wear prison uniforms. Motograter are a little tribal, all wearing wicked red, black, and white body paint...mushroomhead all wear the black and white camoflouge gear with the evil X'd-out eyes and what not...

I enjoy this concept for a number of reasons:

1. With the growing number of bands that have been becoming popular, based on looks and not talent-it seems the quality of music has diminished and attention has been reverted away from the musicianship and directed toward don't get me wrong image is certainly important, but it's not everything. When all of the members of the band are hidden behind an image/mask it brings the focus back on the music. Here's a very good example...many many people absolutely love the band Tool. but I bet half the fans of the band couldn't point out a single one of the members if they saw 'em on the street. But you play 2 seconds of a Tool song and you'll have even the newest Tool fan shouting the name of the song and strumming along Air-Guitar Style...

2. Adopting an image for the entire band also creates a sense of unity and brotherhood, and i just love the way the band looks together as a group. If you saw a member of slipknot with his clown mask and prison uniform, parading around in a metallica music video-not only would he stand out, but you would say to yourself "hey, that dude's in slipknot!" But many other musicians fit right in, guest starring live and in music videos. A band that looks unified will act and perform unified. And that will bring a sense of 'tightness' to the group...

3. Also...mystery. When you never get to see who's behind the mask, you'll just keep wanting to find out more and more about who it is. When you don't know what the band members look like, and what they are like, it creates a sense of mystery...and keeps people coming back for more...

Posted by skarecrowband at 7:41 PM

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